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What Sets Sacred Heart Academy Apart? 

In early 2020, Sacred Heart Schools became an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School District. The IB is recognized across the world for its innovative approach to education. Committed to our mission to inspire diverse learners to become globally-minded, compassionate leaders, we strategically adopted this world-leading best practice and framework.  

The IB learning cycle of inquiry, action, and reflection takes learning far beyond memorizing to understanding concepts and connecting the dots. This gets you more engaged in your learning and spurs you into action to bring about meaningful change.  

At SHA, we believe it is important to place an equal focus on academics and other transferable skills students need to become globally-minded problem-solvers. In addition to learning all core content, our IB students also gain:


Through IB, we teach students how to research and analyze information and apply their learning across different subjects and to the world outside the classroom. An IB education equips students with the tools they need to become compassionate leaders.

Sacred Heart teachers do not stand in the front of the classroom and impart information for students to memorize and repeat on a test. Instead, our IB teachers guide students through engaging, concept-based learning that fosters inquiry and experimentation and prepares our students for success in college and in the jobs of the future.

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Beyond the Classroom 

SHA students

You’re coming here to learn, but you’ll come away with so much more!  

Forever Friends and your Forever Home. 

SHA is a loyal, friendly, inspiring, spirited, and supportive family! From your classrooms to your clubs, after-school practices, or late-night rehearsals, the girls you’re with every day will become your sisters. Your SHA sisterhood will follow you through four wonderful years of high school and remain by your side forever. Our Forever Valkyries (graduates) will tell you: you are going to meet your lifelong FOREVER best friends at Sacred Heart.  


What sets SHA apart from the rest? 

  • With one of the most successful athletic programs in the state, and ranked #3 in the nation by, SHA teams have won 107 team state championships and make use of on-campus, state-of-the-art athletic facilities. We have 15 sports with at least one no-cut sport each season. 
  • Sacred Heart is the only high school in Louisville to offer a Leadership Certificate of Distinction upon graduation, thanks to the four-year leadership program from our Jean Frazier Leadership Institute. 
  • Our teachers are not just dedicated. They are devoted to our students’ success. You’ll find them hosting night-time study sessions, coaching our athletic and academic teams, cheering on their students at sporting and theatre events, and meeting with them during TEAM for extra help. At SHA, you are never on your own. With a dedicated Assistant Principal for Student Life and a brand new Student Life Center, our Valkyries are uniquely supported in adjusting to high school, building friendships, getting involved in clubs and other after-school activities, and finding their forever at Sacred Heart.
  • Sacred Heart’s Accessible Education Center is a home away from home for our students with learning differences. With numerous options for study and testing and the support of three amazing faculty members, our Valkyries receive all the academic support they need. 
  • SHA’s Student Success and Wellness Team is here to meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of our students. With dedicated social-emotional counselors, two college counselors, two academic advisors, and Mac, our school dog, each Valkyrie is supported, encouraged, and empowered. 
  • SHA boasts over 60 clubs and organizations with new clubs, sponsored and created by students, popping up every year. These clubs are student-led and run, giving ownership, responsibility, and leadership opportunities to our Valkyries.
  • Sacred Heart has three choirs and a successful and thriving theatre arts program (our fourth no-cut sport!) that produces two full shows each year. 
  • SHA has successful and engaged academic clubs and teams like Quick Recall, Debate, KYA and KUNA. 
  • Students at Sacred Heart take part in a four-year Retreat program that helps to instill our core values in each Valkyrie while giving her an opportunity to grow in her relationship with God, herself, and her peers. Students are also introduced to the gift of Service to Others through our Service-Learning program.
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