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Block Scheduling



Sacred Heart Academy operates on a four-block schedule each day, alternating between White Days (blocks A, B, C, D) and Blue Days (blocks E, F, G, H). Each block is approximately 90-minutes long. On blue days students have a TEAM period. This block offers students the opportunity to develop their planning, prioritizing and academic preparation skills. The 90-minute period is organized by grade level and alphabet and is divided into two 45 minute halves. During these blocks, students can seek additional help from teachers, study with peers, collaborate on group projects, visit the counselor or the academic dean or simply remain in the classroom for independent quiet study. Students must schedule appointments in advance which helps them to develop their organizational skills while increasing independence and self advocacy. Additionally, if there is a school-wide assembly, liturgy, pep rally, a special program, a class meeting or activity, it will be held during this TEAM period so that the co-curricular activities enhance rather than interrupt instructional time.