Jean Frazier Leadership Institute




The Jean Frazier Leadership Institute at Sacred Heart Schools promotes a culture of leadership by providing authentic leadership experiences that create empowered leaders who seek to serve others. We believe that leadership can be taught through deliberate study and practice. The JFLI has created a four-part approach to leadership development including social-emotional learning, skills-based learning, practice, and reflection. The three pillars of the Jean Frazier Leadership Institute (Leadership, Service, Financial Literacy) combine to provide a comprehensive leadership development program that inspires students to discover their passion and their purpose.



Sacred Heart Academy Leadership Initiatives

At Sacred Heart Academy, every student is influenced by the Jean Frazier Leadership Institute. Beginning the summer before freshman year, students are introduced to leadership development at Frosh Start by exploring the uniqueness they bring to the world. Throughout freshman year, students have two upperclassmen mentors through Navigation Team who guide them through the high school transition.


All Valkyries are empowered to hone their leadership skills through clubs, teams, class discussion, group projects, service work, and more. Teachers are actively seeking out the quiet leaders, the ones who have yet to find their voice, the girls who need a nudge. At Sacred Heart, we believe there is a leader inside each of our Valkyries and each is empowered to discover and develop her own leadership blueprint.

JFLI Four Years of Leadership 


The Frazier Fellows Program - Leadership Certificate of Distinction

The Frazier Fellows program is the culmination of three years of comprehensive study and practice of leadership. Frazier Fellows take part in a variety of authentic leadership workshops and networking events, a personal finance course, a quarterly online leadership course, and a 40-hour authentic leadership experience or internship designed by the student. Students also keep a leadership portfolio and present a final capstone project.   



Leadership Development at Sacred Heart Academy through the Jean Frazier Leadership Institute




The Navigation Team program pairs small groups of freshmen with junior and senior mentors. The groups meet monthly to discuss the high school transition and general leadership topics. Navigation mentors also play an active role in planning Frosh Start, which is a two-day orientation for all incoming freshmen.



The Academic Coaching Program goes beyond traditional tutoring. Coaches consider a scholar’s complete academic needs and suggest strategies for success among all courses. Coaches are trained through the JFLI and work with students at Sacred Heart Academy and Sacred Heart Model School. From time to time, academic coaches may produce workshops or presentations about a variety of academic topics.



Internship experiences offer the opportunity for students to explore a career interest in a professional setting. They may arrange for a 40-hour or 80-hour experience to be completed during the summer. In addition to experience in the field, students will take part in research, reflection, and a final presentation in the fall after their summer internship. Juniors and seniors are eligible for internships and able to earn ¼ or ½ transcript credit depending on the length of the internship.


In order to prepare to be the leaders of the school, the junior class participates in a leadership day in the spring where they hear from a motivational speaker and make plans for their senior legacy project.


All freshmen attend four seminars that introduce them to a variety of leadership topics including understanding personality type, goal-setting, growth mindset, personal finance, and team building.


Several workshops are open to all students throughout the year. Some topics include personal values, presenting yourself, and servant leadership.


All Clubs, Student Organizations, and Teams have elected or appointed student leaders including:

Student Council
Hearts 4 the Holy Spirit (retreat leaders)
Diversity Leadership Team
Community Awareness Committee (service club)
Agape Club
100 Club (spirit)
Student Advisory Board
National Honor Society
Student Y (KYA and KUNA)