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Retreats and Service



Liturgical Services and Prayer

At Sacred Heart Academy, we begin each school day with prayer delivered by the Agape Club President. We gather regularly during the year for Mass, such as on Holy days, to mark the beginning and ending of the school year, and the Feast of St. Angela Merici. Prayer services are held to celebrate important times in the Catholic Church such as Lent and Advent. These services are planned by the Campus Minister as well as the student Agape Club. Parents are always welcome to attend Masses and prayer services.


Freshman year, a parent Mass and matriculation ceremony is held the first month of school. There is a Sophomore Grandparent Mass and Senior Mother/Daughter Mass and Brunch. Seniors also celebrate a Baccalaureate Mass with their families during graduation weekend.


Strengthening Core Values
SHA’s four-year retreat program provides opportunities to bond with others and grow your commitment to community, reverence, service and leadership.


Sacred Heart Academy’s commitment to Catholic, Christian values reaches far beyond the classroom. We help Valkyries grow into strong women of great faith! The Ursuline Core Values of Community, Reverence, Service, and Leadership are lived out daily by the faculty staff, and students. SHA welcomes students of all faiths, with currently 20% of the student body coming from other faith backgrounds.


Mission Statement

To experience moments with the divine that will spark a desire to deepen one’s faith formation based in the core values of St. Angela Merici.


Vision Statement

Each student will live their faith life through practice, cultivation and a hunger to continue the process of developing a deeper faith, with new tools of creativity, mindfulness, reflection, understanding, space, and relationship to self, others, creation and the divine.

The underclassmen retreat program is mandatory due to the intricate relationship between our theology classes, the core values of Angela Merici in our community, and living out the actions through a formation of faith, prayer and reflection. Due to the commitment of time, senior retreat is optional and said to be one of the best experiences of a Sacred Heart student.






This retreat is centered around the freshman core value of community. Sacred Heart Schools is a community rooted in the Ursuline ministry and tradition. Students will spend the day on campus experiencing our community. They will take tours of the schools, work with the preschoolers and learn about the founders of the Ursulines, Angela Merici. They will have the opportunity to pray, laugh, meditate, serve, and get to know one another and our community better. This retreat occurs in September and October during the school day.



The focus of this retreat is the sophomore core value of reverence. The students will travel to Mount Saint Francis in Southern Indiana. They will experience team building, creative prayers, meditation, nature walks, talks, and activities helping them to understand and live out the importance of reverence towards self, others, creation and God. This is a two-day and one-night retreat. There is a one-day option available as well.



This retreat is based on the junior core value of service. It gives the students the opportunity to see first-hand social justice in action in our town. Students will stay at Cross Road’s Ministry, at St. William’s Church. The experience includes an awareness of poverty, homelessness, addiction and other social justice issues in our community. They will travel by foot and TARC to several different service agencies and meet people where they are. They also spend time in reflection and prayer. This is a three-day, two-night retreat with an option of a two-day, one-night retreat as well.



Senior retreat is optional and spaces fill up quickly. It is based on the “Christian Awakening Retreat Program” that most Catholic High Schools implement. It is an experience that unites and blends all the core values; community, reverence, service and leadership. Students will experience themes of knowing self, knowing God, responding to God’s call and living out the experience in the world. It is filled with activities, meditations, reflections, talks, sacraments, liturgies and support from their peers, teachers, and alums who help to lead the retreatants. It can be a life changing experience. This is a four-day, three-night retreat off campus. The dates and locations will be announced at the beginning of the year.


*The first week of school seniors must turn in an application or there is no guarantee of attending a senior retreat. 




“Do something, get moving, be confident, risk new things, stick with it, praise God and celebrate all of life in prayer, then be ready for big surprises!”


As part of our mission and core values, Sacred Heart students are called to serve others. Students provide more than 25,000 hours of service to the Louisville community each year through unique ministry opportunities on the Ursuline Campus and through local agencies. Freshmen and sophomores are required to do 20 hours of service, juniors and seniors are required to do 25 hours of service. All service is performed outside of the school day.


Students focus on the corporal works of mercy at outreach agencies that reflect Christian values as is described in Matthew 25:35-41. The school provides contact information for several local agencies and holds a service fair early in the fall semester.


Contact the Service Coordinator Jane Cruthirds at for more information.