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Clubs and Activities


Clubs and organizations at Sacred Heart Academy cover every interest, how many will you join?


SHA has dozens of clubs and organizations full of Valkyrie enthusiasm, leadership, and vision. You can even start your own club! Whatever your interests, you're sure to find ways to get involved, meet new friends, take on leadership roles and join the amazing Sacred Heart community! Athletic teams, academic organizations and special-interest clubs are the HEART and SOUL of SHA, and where you're likely to meet your closest friends. Jump right in!

Click on the club names below for a brief description! If you have any questions about joining, creating, or leading a club at SHA, reach out to Ms. Link, Assistant Principal for Student Life a [email protected]

Do you know various facts about certain subjects? Do you love competition? Then Academic Team is the club for you! Here, we share the same excitement when Jeopardy is on, love to answer trivia questions first, and have a fun and quick-paced environment. Also, we compete with other schools in the Louisville area!

Academic Team is a fun and challenging way to compete against Louisville high schools. It allows each student to grow in knowledge and is a welcoming environment for all!

Moderator:  Mrs. Schrage

The purpose of this club is to change the conversation surrounding mental health.  We want to remove the stigmas around mental health, creating a safe space, and welcoming everyone! We will meet once a week and the club is open to all students.  We will participate in community activities, fundraising, active minds speakers, advocacy, and mental health activities.

Moderator: Ms. Hudson

Adventure Club meets outside of school and has 1-2 meetings per month.  We enjoy hiking, learning about nature and other activities that involve being outside.  This club is open to all students, no experience is required which leads to community building through supporting each other and learning!

Moderator: Ms. Lynch

Agape Club is a school club open to all students in all grades.  Members of the Agape Club help provide prayer opportunities for the SHA community.  They plan liturgies and prayer services, lector, write petitions and prayers.  They act as Eucharistic and music ministers and take other roles as needed. They select and read morning prayers over the PA, create banners, posters, etc. for liturgies.  The Agape club president is a senior elected position. Meetings are once a month.

“The Agape club is a great opportunity to have a chance to lead something that affects the entire school” 

Moderators: Ms. Hoback

Ambassadors are students who take a great deal of pride in SHA and would like to share their enthusiasm with students and parents outside the Sacred Heart community as well as within the school itself.  Ambassadors assist the director of admissions in the recruitment of prospective students, i.e., visit grade schools to present information about SHA, host recruitment events at SHA such as Future Valkyrie nights, call and write prospective students, and help with incoming freshmen. Interested sophomores, juniors, and seniors apply by completing an extensive application. Membership requires a great deal of time, especially in September, October, and November.  Students involved in other clubs, sports or jobs, must be willing to make this club a priority.

Moderators: Ms. N. Burke, Ms. Williams

Learn ASL in a fun and stress-free environment with the help and guidance of Heuser Hearing and Language Academy. In return for Heuser’s help, we will take part in service opportunities within Heuser Hearing and Language Academy throughout the school year.

Moderator: Mr. Gonzalez

The Art Club provides students the opportunity to draw, paint and craft regardless of their skill level.  It is a club that showcases how much fun art can be and allows you to connect with others that share the same passion!

“It helped me grow my confidence in my artwork and learn to accept my creativity.”

Moderator: Ms. Jarboe

Do you enjoy playing volleyball for fun?  Join the BEACH volleyball club.  We will become more familiar with techniques and the game of beach volleyball.  Our goal is to create a community of belonging by forming a comfortable environment for learning new skills and techniques to a game that is hard to master.  Everyone will be on the same level of trial and error, which will make this a fun and lighthearted learning experience. This club is open to anyone who is interested, and we plan to meet once or twice a month!

Moderator: Mr. Versen

The Beta Club develops and nurtures individuals by providing opportunities and experiences for them to demonstrate character, achievement, service, and leadership within their community. The Beta Club meets monthly and helps organize events.  Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a GPA of at least 3.3.

“Beta club is a great organization within our community because it encourages service”

Moderator: Ms. Cunningham

The Black Student Union is an organization that gives African Americans a voice in our school that is sometimes unaware of what it is like to be black in a predominately white school. It is an organization that supports blacks and affirms our culture. It's a family!


“I believe that the Black Student union has sparked something powerful within our school that will lead Sacred Heart down the right path.”


Moderators: Ms. Marshall, Ms. E. Burke

The SHA Book Club meets one Friday per month to discuss a book, participate in an activity, and vote on a book for the next month. This club aims to cultivate a community of readers at Sacred Heart by encouraging valkyries to read for enjoyment, grasp meaning out of the books they read, and consider social justice issues presented through literature to improve our community. We value all voices and opinions and would love to have you as part of the club!

Moderator: Mrs. Taylor

The Breakfast Club brings together students to share not only a meal but also to communicate and connect in a relaxed and open environment. Its purpose is to promote the core value of community within Sacred Heart Academy.  Meetings include a variety of food and interesting conversation.  The Breakfast Club gives students the opportunity to meet and form friendships with other students not only in different grades but also with differing interests. All students are welcome.


“I love the Breakfast Club because it brings all grades together to bond through food!”


Moderator: Ms. Clemons

CAC is a school-wide service club that is open to every student.  Meeting are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month.  The main purpose of CAC is to give service to the local and world communities and to educate students about places where their gifts and talents can be shared.  CAC may reach as far as Paraguay to Appalachia or to local St. Ann’s with a tutoring program.  Students who want to meet other students at SHA, and share in the Heart by service to others should join CAC.

“CAC is a club that brings all Sacred Heart students together to help serve others. CAC’s mission is to spread community awareness.”

Moderator: Ms. Fowler

If you want to learn more about Chinese culture, come join our club! We will be making food, learning songs, and doing calligraphy. Our meeting will be on the last Friday of every month from 2:15 to 4:00.

Moderator: Ms. Wang

Do you like to cook or like to try new things? Are you looking for ways to get involved? If so, please join us for cooking club! We will be testing out different recipes and will meet once every 3 weeks.

Moderator:  Ms. Masterson

Diversity leadership is a space that will bring different groups of people together and promote and foster an inclusive environment in the Sacred Heart community. Some of the major activities we participate in is discussion days, processing spaces for major events and planning workshops. This club is open to all and will meet monthly or as needed. Join Diversity Leadership!

Moderator: Ms. Fowler

The mission of Donate Life Club is to primarily raise awareness and funds for Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (KODA). We are advocates for organ donation and educating our student body on the importance of joining the Kentucky Donor Registry. All students interested in supporting this cause are welcome to join us!

Moderator: Ms. Mulloy

Are you interested in being part of a team that is competitive and engaging for students who might not participate in other school activities or athletics?  Esports is for YOU!  Esports has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. Students who participate in Esports not only get to show their competitive side but also build on their character growth.  Students will develop discipline, self-esteem, and sportsmanship through practices and games. They will also gain socialization skills by coming together and bonding over a shared interest in gaming.

Games played: FIFA, Rocket League, Madden, Super Smash Bros, Splatoon 2

Meet once a week for practices and scrimmages. We will meet in the computer lab.  We have headsets provided and can play on the PC’s in the computer lab, but we encourage you to bring your own PS4, Xbox, etc. for better quality.

Moderator: Ms. Pusateri

The Fab and Fit club offers students the opportunity to meet others while being active and learning about health and fitness.  It allows students to motivate and push each other, giving them a group to grow with and develop and love for fitness with!

Moderator: Ms. Burke, Ms. Williams

Fandom Club is a place where every student can get together to talk about and share their “nerdy” interests and passions. The club spans from watching shows, fandom trivia, going to comic cons, and fangirling over favorite ships. Anyone is welcome to come, and Fandom Club is a safe space to talk about your interests and opinions on any book, movie, comic, TV show, etc. Our meetings cover a menagerie of different fandoms, including, but definitely not limited to Harry Potter, Star Wars, Percy Jackson, Marvel, DC, Minecraft, Anime and Mangas, ONCE Upon A Time, WEBTOON comics, Doctor Who, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, FNAF, Pokémon, and so many more! Whatever you’re interested in, Fandom Club is the place to share it!”

“Fandom Club is a club where everyone is welcomed to join and have fun discussing things, they are a fan of!”

Moderator: Ms. Davis

Join us in designing and making accessories, critiquing fashion shows, learning about fashion history, creating mood boards, and so much more!! This fun and creative club is sure to unleash a passion for fashion.

FCA is a club that creates a space where SHA students can come together to pray and spread positivity to others via Bible Verses.  The club is geared towards creating a community for Christian athletes but welcomes anyone regardless of faith or athletic ability.  This club is open to anyone and will meet every Friday from 7:40-7:55 and every other Tuesday before school.

Moderator: Ms. Clemons

During the meetings, the students will learn the basics of flight, aviation weather, navigation and flight planning, aeromedical factors, and leadership skills.  We plan to tour UPS, Backside tour of SDF, Air National Guard, and Flight Club 502. First flights will be offered to all who participate donated by Flight Club 502. UPS Captain Sturgeon and Laura Benson Jones- SHMS mother (Airline Transport Pilot) are volunteering to launch this program with Flight Club 502 Leader Pilar Pagni.

Forever Valkyries Club is focused on enhancing the Sacred Heart community through social activities, service and events that include interacting with SHA alumnae and harnessing the power of the Valkyrie connection.


Moderator: Mrs. Theisen


The French club meets once a month to promote an interest in the study/appreciation of France, its people, language, and culture. Activities include guest speakers, dessert-making contests, meetings with other language clubs, games, crafts.


“Girls should join French Club because it’s a low commitment club that offers opportunities to try all things French! We’ve had movie nights where we watch French films with subtitles and enjoy French-Canadian snacks.”


Moderator: Mr. Tincher

Future Educators Club is an affiliate of Kentucky’s Educator’s Rising organization, and aspiring educators are rising up within the hallways at SHA! This organization is geared to inspire high school students to join hands with fellow future educators to practice skills needed to be successful in this profession.  By engaging in opportunities that deepen their passion for teaching and learning, club members apply skills such as organization and planning, collaboration and communication, and resourcefulness. Join this group of committed young ladies who live the SHA core values through their work as a Rising Educator!

Moderator: Ms. Muth

The purpose of FIC is to interest more women in pursuing finance as a career path and impart financial knowledge.  Joining this club will create a community of like-minded individuals and allow women to feel more confident in personal finance. We will have guest speakers and have multiple investment discussions.  This club is open to all and we will meet twice a semester.

Moderator: Mr. Garcia

Future Med Club is a club focused on exposing students to a variety of careers in the medical field. We host not only guest speakers from different medical occupations but provide hands-on medical activities such as a suture clinic and hands-only CPR. Our annual service project will support children undergoing treatment in the hospital by providing books. We will hold a book drive the last week of September.

Moderator: Ms. Zeller, Ms. King

Girl Up Club members make a difference in the lives of girls around the world, empowering their communities near and far. Girl Up provides a platform and guides girls along their journey from leader to changemaker with specialized programming in organizing, advocacy, fundraising, and communications. Our programming exposes girl leaders to issues at the intersection of gender equality and sports, STEM, storytelling, and more – we position girls to be leaders across industries where women are underrepresented. Girl Up Club is a movement to advance girls’ skills, rights, and opportunities to be leaders. When girls rise, we all rise.

Moderator: Ms. Knight

Joining the Go Green Club helps you to become more aware of how you treat the environment.  You will gain more knowledge to make ecologically responsible decisions when it comes to taking care of the environment!

“The Go Green Club teaches us how to be self-aware of how we treat the environment”

Moderator: Ms. Baker, Ms. Griffin

Picture this. A dark stage and then a single spotlight. Out steps Orpheus, a glorious dinosaur, and Hack Club’s mascot. Wait, let's backtrack. What is Hack Club? Hack Club (that is hack as in being creative to build something awesome with code - not hacking bank accounts) is a nonprofit network of high school coding clubs and makers around the world. Hack Club is a fun and supportive environment where members meet once a week to spend time collaborating and coding with each other (whether it be your first time writing a line of code or a seasoned professional). Learning to code is like gaining a superpower—turning you from a consumer of technology into a creator. We want you to use that superpower to build amazing things. So, we aren’t a class. Every Hack Club is student-led and members make self-directed projects. We are a community of makers who are working at our own pace, coding websites, apps, and games, and presenting them at the end of each meeting.

Not to mention, we have lots of stickers (the most important part), a global community of over 13,000 other hackers, and so much more. Well, what are you waiting for? Come join us! *Cue the upbeat dance music as Orpheus starts her performance*

Moderator: Ms. Kuebbing

Being a part of Hearts for the Holy Spirit, the students are formed in their faith and leadership skills. They are creative, accepting, and excellent models of our core values. The club meets twice a week for support, encouragement, and continued faith formation.

Moderator: Ms. Daly

Check back for more information about this club!

The Latinx Student Union is a safe space for Latinx students and is a place for our community to learn and celebrate Latinx culture and history. Our goal is to provide knowledge and appreciation to increase cultural competency for SHS students, faculty, and staff. 

Moderator: Ms. Mercado

The SHA Newspaper is a student-run club that focuses on spreading the news of the SHA community, the Louisville community, and the world through the thoughts, opinions, and ideas of SHA students!

Moderator: Mr. Smith

This organization is for students who excel in math and enjoy academic competitions and the challenge of non-routine math problems.  It is open to all students. SHA is a member of the Greater Louisville Math League, which has competitions four times a year.  Three students from each grade level participate in each competition.  The math team usually meets twice a month the late September through March

“I have met a couple of people at camps and we thought we wouldn’t really see each other again, but then we got to meet at Eastern while taking the tests!”

Moderator: Ms. Clemons

The Tri-M Music Honor Society is the International Music Honor Society for secondary school students with musical achievement.  The criteria for membership are an “A” average for the previous semester in music, a “B” average in all other academic subjects, and character, cooperation, leadership, and service.  The primary goal is to raise awareness of and support for music education and musical performance opportunities.  Students meet monthly for Sophomores-Seniors.

The National Honor Society is open to juniors and seniors by application only.  Students who have a 3.75 cumulative GPA or rank in the top 20% of their class are mailed applications in the summer. To be eligible for membership, students must also illustrate the following character by good conduct, service by completing all SHA-required service hours, and leadership by involvement in at least three extra-curricular activities.  Once accepted, members must maintain the academic and character standards while also completing 10 hours of NHS service projects per year of membership.

Moderator: Ms. Love

Moderators: Ms. Caruso, Ms. Knight

Moderators: Ms. Barnett

Moderator: Ms. Schrage

The Spanish National Honor Society is invitation only based on continued study of Spanish, high GPA, and a commitment to continual improvement in Spanish communicative skills.

Moderator: Ms. Batiste


Navigation mentors work with groups of 8-10 freshmen and two mentors at Frosh Start and during LEAD to ease the high school transition, help freshmen make friends, and begin some foundational leadership work. Mentor applicants will be coming from the sophomore and junior class. Navigation mentors should be good role models, be able to facilitate a group discussion and be willing to reach out to freshmen individually to help them find their place at Sacred Heart. Mentors do not have to be the most outgoing, but they do need to be empathetic and approachable to freshmen.


Moderator: Ms. Hitron, Ms. Alexander

Operation Smile is an international medical charity that has provided hundreds of thousands of free surgeries for children and young adults in developing countries who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate, or other facial deformities.  This club helps raise money for surgeries and also educates SHA students about medical issues people face around the world.
“A smile is the prettiest thing on a person.  We are just helping to make more”

Moderator: Ms. Dotson

Want to have fun and be active at the same time?  Join the Pickleball Club!  It is a combination of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. No experience needed.  We will practice outside on the tennis courts when its nice out and move into the gym or a pickleball facility when unable to play outside.

Moderator: Ms. Bohnert (SHA Parent)

Photography club allows students to express themselves through pictures.  Sacred Heart Academy offers a photography class which is fantastic, but sometimes it doesn’t work with some of our student’s schedules. That is why if you enjoy photography and can’t fit it in your schedule, this is the club for you!

“Photography is the art of capturing the world around us”

Moderator: Ms. Franklin

Check back for more information about this club!

RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness to promote kindness throughout our community. Join RAK!

Moderator: Ms. M. Moir

Sacred Heart Academy’s St. Joseph of Arimathea Society brings together students who desire to represent the Ursuline core values of service by acting as pallbearers or witnesses at the funeral for the poor and homeless at Rive Valley Cemetery or Meadow View Cemetery.  Working with the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office and students from other Catholic high schools and universities, members endeavor to give paupers’ funerals some human dignity by providing witness to burial, flowers for the grave, and prayer. They offer comfort, support, and dignity for the dead ad the people who cared for them and about them.

Moderator: Ms. Hoback, Ms. Kresse, Mr. Lahey

The purpose of the science club is to facilitate interest in STEM and embody the trait of inquiries as well as teach the skills to question the world.  Everyone is welcome to join no matter what time in the year it is! We are all passionate about science and belong to the STEM community.

Moderator: Ms. Strong

Check back for more information about this club!

This club is designed to promote the study and enjoyment of Hispanic culture and language.  The club has speakers, food-tasting, parties, dance lessons, musicians, and crafts.  It promotes interaction with Spanish clubs from other schools.

“Hola! The Spanish Club consists of a really great group of girls here, and we all love learning and embracing Spanish culture and language!”

Moderator: Ms. Griffin

The Spanish Dance Club meets 3-4 times per semester to dance salsa, merengue, and bachata. Students have fun while exercising, building community and learning more about the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. All are welcome regardless of dance ability or experience. 


Moderator Mrs. Howe 

The Speech and Debate Club is great for students to explore the art of “organized arguing.” Students in this club tend to enjoy discussing current issues and if they don’t already have a strong voice and good presentation skills, they will learn these abilities in a fun, safe club environment.  The club uses the formal debate format.  The goal is to compete in tournaments with other high school students.  The club’s purpose is to teach and train students in the fundamentals of debate, public speaking, and essay writing.

Moderator: Ms. Finney and Ms. Lyvers

Student Council consists of one representative from each TEAM room who is elected in the fall of the year.  The Executive Board of Student Council is elected in a school-wide general election in the spring of the year before they serve in office.  Student Council meets weekly throughout the year.  The Council is student-run and plans all student-generated activities sponsored by the Student Council.  Auxiliary units of the Student Council are Agape, Community Awareness Committee, Student Advisory Board, and 100 Club. Each of these subsidiary groups has its own elected officers, responsibilities, and faculty sponsorship.

Moderators: Ms. Walters, Mrs. Oliva, Mrs. Lyvers

The 100 club consists of one elected representative from each TEAM room.  Representatives announce and promote attendance at athletic events, plays, choral concerts, and academic competitions. They also plan and participate in pep rallies and spirit weeks.  These representatives are elected in the fall of each year.  Officers (President, VP, and Secretary) are elected in the spring of the year before they serve in office.  Reps and officers meet regularly.

“In the 100 Club, we all have an equal opportunity to have a voice and have our opinion heard”

Moderators:  Ms. M. Moir

The Student Advisory Board is composed of an elected student representative from each TEAM and two faculty members.  The committee takes students’ suggestions for improving the education and student life of our SHA community.  It discusses ideas or concerns that are brought to it and presents suggestions for actions or solutions to the administration or other appropriate groups.

“SAB is a great club if you are looking to bring changes to Sacred Heart and work with the administration”

Moderators: Ms. Batiste

Y Club is a service organization that is also involved with youth government projects. Y Club members get the opportunity to attend the Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) and the Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA).

Moderators: Mr. Heuser, Ms. Muller

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Club works to think globally and act locally in order to help the world’s most vulnerable children. Our goal is to advocate for all children, fundraise for UNICEF, educate SHA students about challenges children face around the world, and build a community with local organizations.

Moderator: Ms. Nowak

This club is dedicated to respecting life from conception to natural death.   This includes the unborn, dying, aged abused, poor, homeless, addicted, imprisoned, disabled, and those with AIDS.  By getting involved with people in these various walks and stages students heighten their awareness understanding and compassion towards all people.

Moderator: Ms. Donlon, Ms. Daly

VEX Robotics is educational robotics for everyone. VEX encourages creativity, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving among groups. It allows educators of all types to engage and inspire the STEM problem-solvers of tomorrow! Join VEX!

Moderator: Ms. Singer

West Meets East is a social organization open to all students who share a common interest in Asian culture. With brief presentations about different Asian countries at every meeting, WME highlights the social and cultural diversity between these countries.  WME aims to connect with the community by volunteering at local events and networking with other organizations at SHA through the Diversity and Inclusion Team.

Moderator: Ms. Schrage

Moderator: Ms. Wang
Moderator: Ms. Jarboe
Moderator: Ms. Moir
Moderator: Ms. Jarboe
Moderator: Ms. Kramer