SHS Bestows Saint Angela Awards and Recognizes 44 Employees for Combined 530 Years of Service

Each spring the Saint Angela Award is awarded to a student in each class at Sacred Heart Academy (SHA), a Level 8 student at Sacred Heart Model School (SHMS), and faculty or staff members in each school on campus--SHA, SHMS, Sacred Heart Preschool (SHP) and Sacred Heart School for the Arts (SHSA)--as well as the Office of Administrative Services (OAS). These awardees are recognized for continually reflecting the life of St. Angela and the Ursuline Core Values of Reverence, Service, Leadership, and Community in their daily interactions with others. Award recipients have been nominated by their peers, teachers, and colleagues.


Congratulations to the following recipients of this highest honor at Sacred Heart Schools: 


Sacred Heart Academy: 


Students: Freshman Charlotte Crush (not pictured), Sophomore Allison Conliffe, Junior Julia Frederick, Senior Ophelia Lorenz 

Faculty: Kitty Nowak




Sacred Heart Model School:


Student: Suzetta Fuller 

Faculty: Janelle Lim 


SHMS Suzetta Fuller


SHMS Janelle Lim


Sacred Heart Preschool:

Cretia Sears 


SHP Cretia Sears


Sacred Heart School for the Arts:

Joseph Glaser


SHSA Joseph Glaser


Office of Administrative Services:

Dylan Cox


OAS Dylan COx


St. Angela Merici was a woman who lived in the 1500’s. Her life and actions reflected reverence, service, leadership, and communitySt. Angela founded a group of women called the Company of Saint Ursula from which the Ursuline religious order developed. Ursuline Sisters arrived in Louisville in 1858 from Straubing, Germany to teach local German immigrant children. In 1877, they founded began the legacy of Sacred Heart Schools, with the founding of Sacred Heart Academy and continue to sponsor Sacred Heart Schools today. Read more about St. Angela here.


At the end of the school year at all four Sacred Heart Schools, teachers and staff were also recognized for their time in service to SHS. Including staff members from Office of Administrative Services (OAS), Dr. Karen McNay celebrated 44 employees with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years in service to Ursuline Campus—a combined 530 years of service! Employees were recognized at honors celebrations, staff meetings and end-of-year lunches. The commitment and longevity of our teachers and staff demonstrate that Sacred Heart Schools is a valuable community and a desirable place to call home. After all, home is where the HEART is! 


Thanks to the following for the commitment to the mission of Sacred Heart Schools: 

Celebrating 5 Years of Service 

Rommy Altamirano – SHSA 

Carla Barber – OAS 

Allison Bayer – OAS 

Erin Burke – SHA 

Betsy Daly – SHA 

Zahily Diaz-Reyes – OAS 

James Ferrera - SHMS 

Sydney Gerber -SHP 

Brittany Gofney – SHSA 

Marie Gould – SHMS 

Jinyu Hu – SHMS 

Lydia McIntyre – SHSA 

Margareth Miguel – SHSA 

Leah Mullen – SHMS 

Cretia Sears – SHP 

Abigail Shipley – SHMS 

Amy Tedesco – SHMS 

Gloria Thomas – OAS 

Sarah Wunderlin – OAS 

Mercedes Yero – OAS 

Makenzie Moir – SHA 


Celebrating 10 years of service 

Whitnie Hart – SHMS 

Kara Menges - SHP 

Claire Mulloy – SHA 

Daniel Rhea – SHMS 

Johanna Schrage – SHA 


Celebrating 15 years of service 

Lisa Barnes – OAS 

Mary Ann Mattingly - SHP 

Lauren Stinnett – SHP 


Celebrating 20 years of service 

Laura Clemons – SHA 

Insook Donze – SHP 

Marcia Franklin – SHA 

Marie Griffin - SHA 

Debbie Hudson – SHA 

Rachel Shain – OAS 

Susan Snyder – SHMS 

Carrie Wentzel – SHA 


Celebrating 25 years of service 

Rick Heim – SHA 

Nannette Mershon – OAS 


Celebrating 30 years of service 

Missy Bartlett – SHA 

Cheryl Havens – OAS 

Jana King – SHA 

Rozanna Thompson – SHSA 


Celebrating Retirement – Many thanks for all of the support and service to Sacred Heart Schools.  Best Wishes on your next chapter! 

John Davis – SHS – 34 years of service 

Mary Ann Mattingly – SHP/SHSA – 15 years of service