Freshman ZiKiyah Johnson named 2021-22 Kentucky Gatorade Player of the Year

Freshman ZaKiyah Johnson has been named 2021-22 Kentucky's Gatorade Player of the Year! She was also named MVP of the Sweet Sixteen basketball tournament after helping Sacred Heart defeat Bullitt East 64-46 to clinch the Valkyries' second straight state championship.
Coach Donna Moir, who has played or coached in all six of Sacred Heart's state championships (state record), says "She’s an elite talent, but still practices every day with the intent of getting better. Her knowledge of the game far exceeds players of the same age. On the court, there is nothing she can’t do.”
ZaKiyah is the second Valkyrie to be recognized as the best high school girls basketball player in the state as a Gatorade Player of the Year, after Crystal Kelly in 2002-2003. Sacred Heart senior Mallory Glass was recently named soccer Gatorade Player of the Year for 2020-2021.
Congratulations, Z!